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I work in an integrative way, making use of all the areas below and tailoring each session specifically for and with you.



I am an accredited Relational Dynamic and Culture at Work Coach & a master practitioner of NLP Coaching.

As your coach I combine coaching tools such as enquiry, deep listening, encouragement, and sometimes provocations, to get to the heart of the matter that you bring to the sessions. The work we do together is about you, your deep desires, the whole range of your emotions and the inner resources you bring with you, and through the work we do together you can learn to nurture and strengthen yourself, increase your confidence and grow the fire in your belly so you can do what you love!


I can teach you a form of self hypnosis and we can explore breath work- these practices can positively impact on your mental and physical health. In addition we may utilise hypnotherapy which involves experiencing a sense of deep relaxation with a heightened attention or focus. In this space you can discover your inner voice, your wise self and align your conscious and unconscious mind so that behavioural patterns can be transformed.

I am a qualified hypnotherapist;

Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy (Dhp) EICH


Having gained a Master NLP Practitioner, Timeline Therapy & Coaching accreditation ten years ago, I continue to combine many of the techniques and principles of NLP to explore the relationship between how we think, communicate and our patterns of behaviour and emotions. 

Creativity, Play, Resilience and Flow

As a coach, artist and trainer I am interested in how these areas can play such an important part in wellbeing and creativity.

If you can apply creativity to your situation, or be a grown up but one that embraces playfulness or if you can learn to 'bounce forward' from challenges and be adaptable in your approach you will develop strategies that support your goals and decisions.

And flow, where you experience moments of total absorption, focusing on a task where time distorts and the self vanishes, enables innovation and creativity, resulting in peak performance.

I bring elements of these into the coaching space and run specialised training and group workshops in these areas. 

Get in touch for more details on my workshops, group and organisational coaching.

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About You

You have a sense of who you are and some idea of what you want, but

you may feel stuck, or tired or in need of more clarity or motivation.You

may need support to learn more about yourself, to nurture your real

nature, to listen to your wiser self, this would enable you to dream bigger and gain energy to attain goals that enhance your life, it will move you out of your comfort zone and in turn nurture the lives of those around you.


You are fed up with your inner critic and have a feeling that this critical inner voice is mistaken, a part of you knows that you can change things for the better, feel joy and make a difference. Or if you don’t know it yet, you are willing to know it.


You may not know where to start but you want to create something; a change within yourself, a work of art, a book, a product, a company, or a shift in your approach to people in your team or life.


You are willing to put in the work, investing in yourself and change work with commitment, whilst being held accountable.


You want to contribute to the world through your creativity, care or leadership.

You want to be consistent.

You want to enjoy life and experience flow.

You want to grow and thrive.

You want to support and inspire others.

How it works...



I can offer hourly sessions and I offer packages of 3, 6 or 10 hours, these can be split into the sessions you need. The first discovery session is usually 2 hours, remaining sessions will be 60-90 minutes and can be spaced apart in your diary fro suit you.


After your coaching hours are completed you can book more if required.

You can stop future sessions with notice and get a full discount on any sessions not yet taken. This can all be adapted according to your needs.

I look forward to supporting you. Let me know if you have any questions.

'Step out of the history that is holding you back.

Step into the new story you are willing to create.'


Oprah Winfrey

My Approach
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